Tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook

tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook

senses and magnificent aliveness of vibrant energies offer us a great variety of possibilities to connect with each other and with ourselves, to offer pleasure to each other and experience pleasure in our own being; to offer loving presence and to experience. On each level of the course, there is thus a module especially dedicated to eroticism, love and relationships as well as the other fundamental domains of life. You are also highly recommended to set time aside daily for homework, to practice the techniques given in the course, which is what will give you results and make a difference in your life. We will give you an understanding of the structure of your being from the physical body to the more subtle bodies of the mind and consciousness and go in depth with the chakra system, studying each chakra for 6-7 weeks and the level of consciousness. It is a way to celebrate life, and gradually abandon any kind of 'celibacy'. Nothing could be further from the true potential and authentic core purpose of Tantra. First Semester (autumn) Module 1: Core teachings basic tantric practices Module 2: Vital life force the root spine chakra Module 3: Sexuality the sacral plexus Second Semester (spring) Module 4: Personal performance, will power conscious self-development Module 5: Heart-based living, emotional balance the cardio plexus. The body is a temple offering us an enormous potential of energetic experiences through a great variety of conscious touch, energy games and sensual experiences, and yet we should never forget that what we seek and adore in each other is much more than body. The role of the chakras in our spiritual evolution. It only let them know, that failures are the stepping stones to d later on true success. Lovemaking becomes dynamic meditation.


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Lalita Kesdjan: Tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook

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Tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook To let your body, heart and consciousness vibrate in ecstatic unison. What if we can learn to embrace it all? The Tantra Course is a systematic and in-depth core transformation course that gradually takes you deeper into the tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook levels of teachings in Tantra. In the erotic fusion of the couple springs the union of the feminine and masculine powers, abundantly fueled by the erotic energy and aligned with a higher principle. Structure of the Course Tantra itself means network and is a vast system of ancient wisdom and understanding of the human life and the human soul. Frontier scientists have come to believe, that the universe fundamentally is organized according to incredible precise laws and natural algorithms based on sacred geometry, resonance and the holographic principle. Learn not be afraid to be yourself. Duration: The duration of the weekly classes is between 2 - 2 hours depending on your location. Discover your sacred erotic dimension, tantra invites you to discover the sacred dimension of your erotic life. With Tantra as your guiding star, your erotic play becomes powerful, effervescent and sacred beyond your wildest dreams.
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tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook tantra massage sthlm singlar på facebook

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